Thursday, October 30, 2008



Today the kids from the base had a departmental "trick-or-treat". Each department hosted a treat basket for the kids to enjoy.

After the Chapel's Fall Festival (which I am still awaiting approval to post) we had so many prizes and candy left the kids had a blast with the choices and quantity of their loot from the Chapel.

Back at the Hansen household, Miss Peabody and Oliver adorned their costumes....

Peabody was a ferocious dragon

Oliver a chicken head

(Not to happy)

So good times at the Hansen household and NSA Souda Bay Chapel. Once we have permission to post Souda Bay's 1st Annual Fall Festival you'll see what an amazing time had by all, support from the entire base, and all the goodies sent from all of you back in the States. Thanks for supporting and loving our ministry.



Monday, October 27, 2008


Samantha ….

Where do I begin?

This is not the first appearance for Sam on the Guided Steps blog. You may recognize her from the VBS film clip. She is our anchorman. Sam is a member of Souda Bay Chapel, a praise and worship singer, and works I the media department here on Base. And she is the best picture taker I know…… most of the pictures posted on this blog are works of art from her lens.

But outside of her profession and hobbies… Sam is a ray of sunlight. She is the most even-tempered, easygoing gal I know. She has a way of making life seem bearable with a quick quip. With a shrug of the shoulders and her head turned slightly to the side….her witticism’s are one of a kind. She just cracks you up.

My favorite memory I will take from Souda Bay will be the sight of Sam and Roller Cody walking down the street…..Sam strolling along on the sidewalk, shoulder bag tossed over her shoulder, head down concentrating, rapidly typing some text on her phone…. all the while Roller Cody is rolling circles around her. She bebop’s down the street while Cody rolls beside her and one cannot help but smile to know their day will become a little bit brighter because these two are headed your way. Both are such a breath of fresh air blowing in and around you…. always there with some crazy movie saying, Chuck Norris joke, or just by their funny way in which they process life.

Sam is steadfast and loyal. It’s truly a blessing and a privilege to call her my friend and sister in Christ.

On October 19 2008 Sam was baptized on Stavros Beach.


Chaps and I have truly been blessed by the very essence of your presence at Souda Bay.

May your journey continue to shine brightly on others.

May your outlook on life help others in their walk.

May your ability to calm stressing situations be soothing to all within your reach.

May the stillness you possess in your spirit flow to others.

May the beauty you capture in both your heart and lens paint a wonderful picture for all to see.

Christmas will not be the same without you here. Sam, we love you and will miss you tremendously. You have been a wonderful addition to the Souda Bay and “Hansen” family.

Blessings to those with a Sam in their life,


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Left to our own devises


Earlier this month, Harry and I returned home from a trip to find this……

Look how innocent she looks in the doorway

(It was her bed she destroyed)

(formly known as my favorite bracelet)

(even the electrical hardware was not safe)

(fragments of lint brush)

While furiously cleaning the “mess” I realized …Miss Peabody’s mishap is representative of what we as humans continually experience.

How many times in life do we feel lonely, abandoned, inadequate, unworthy… the list goes on and on. We try anything and everything to compensate for the lack of something in our lives. There is a void we try to fill ourselves. The mess we make of life.

How many times in life do we find ourselves in “a mess” and need help from above? How many times do we … ourselves…. try to “fix our problems”? Why….when we call ourselves Christians are we continually falling short when it comes to trusting God. The only one capable of “fixing” our mess.

Her bed. Her only source of comfort when she sleeps…..destroyed. Why? Why would Peabody destroy where she lays her head at night? Does she prefer to sleep on the cold hard tile versus a nice fluffy pillow? Why would she mouthful by mouthful destroy her bed?

Why do we as Christians want to destroy or stray from what most comforts us? Why… when the problems of life become unbearable do we prefer to sleep on the cold tile than bask in the warmth of our Savior?

"It is better to put trust in the Lord
than to put confidence in man."
Psalms 118:8 (NKJV)

Blessings to those who have created a "mess",


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Roller Cody

I would like to introduce to you an amazing youngster here at Souda Bay….. Cody. My first encounter with Cody is quit a blur. Literally. He came rolling by at lightning speed. You see Cody has “wheelies” on his shoes. I think the correct term is Heelie shoes? We have 2 Cody’s within our Chapel community…so this is how Cody became Roller Cody.

Cody is a remarkable young lad that drives the girls here on Souda quite mad. He has the most innocent disposition of anyone I know. I have watched Cody grow from childlike faith to a strong believer in Christ. He is an asset to both Souda Bay Chapel and the Kingdom of God.

On October 5, 2008 Cody was Baptized on Starvos Beach.

Roller Cody...

Chaps and I love you so very much. Our lives and ministry have been touched by the blessing of knowing you at Souda Bay.

May your innocent demeanor be a shoulder for others.

May your story touch the lives of others within ears reach.

May your enthusiasm be a beacon of light for others to see.

May your love of life disperse throughout all you do.

You may leave us soon here at Souda Bay, but you will be in our hearts forever!

Blessings until next time,


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Harvest

Happy fall harvest,

My sister and I took my niece Kadence to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins for her, my dad, and my grampa....

She picked out 1 for her and her soon to be baby brother

Madie wanted to sit and have her picture on her bounty

She tipped over Poppie's pumpkin

"Oh no, Poppie's pumpkin is rolling away"

Wow… what a whirlwind of emotions this week has been. Things are beginning to normalize here at home. Thank you for all your prayers and concerns for my dad. We are so thankful to have the family together, if only briefly. The situation with my dad’s health has caused of us to have a greater appreciation for our times together. We are trying to normalize after a truly terrifying experience.

That’s when I came across this verse:

“While the earth remains,

seedtime and harvest,

cold and heat,

winter and summer,

and day and night shall not cease.”

Genesis 8:22 (NET)

…..and it really spoke to me.

While the earth remains…. God is the Almighty Sovereign God forever.

seedtime and harvest…. God provides abundantly

cold and heat… through the good times and the bad

winter and summer…. through the coldest winter to the hottest summer

day and night shall not cease….. God is still God and is there with us through it all

Through it all He is here with us. Never to forsake. Regardless of the time or place He is here. Through the good time and the bad. Through the fire or when we are paralyzed by the freezing cold. We mean that much to Him. He is awaiting His harvest.

The end of the harvest is a joyful time in all cultures, and for thousands of years people have come together to celebrate and to thank the Lord for the bounty of the earth.

But the Lord's gifts are not only those of our earthly world; He provides us with what we need to nourish our spirits as well as our bodies. The Lord's love and wisdom are the spiritual food which will sustain us to eternity.

And one of the important ways we can open ourselves up to receive the Lord's gifts is by acknowledging that they are, indeed, from Him, and not of our own doing. In this frame of mind, the Lord implant those seeds of truth and good will lead to a heavenly harvest, both in this world and in the life to come.

“Do not labor for the food that perishes,

but for the food which endures to everlasting life,

which the Son of Man will give to you.”

John 6:27 (NET)

Tonight, I am thankful for my many blessings. Too many blessings to name. But above all I am thankful for the gift of everlasting life.

Blessings to those with abundance from the harvest,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Longest Night of My Life


.....around 10 p.m. your sister phoning. It is her birthday, so you answer in a jovial mode.


...that's when you hear she is upset and crying.

"Daddy's been taken to the hospital for heart flutters and his body has went numb... he was driving to work after his lunch break and could not make it back to his office.... his coworker found him unresponsive in his truck."

That's the phone call I received Monday night. I immediately hang up to phone my mother. She calmly talks, but only because she has just arrived at the hospital parking lot. She does not know anything other than what has already been told to me.

"Call me as soon as you see him." I tell her.

For the next several minutes.... various family members are called, numerous family and friends arrive at the hospital to show there love and support for my dad.

And then there's, Kayne and I stuck in Greece, ceaselessly calling whoever will answer their phones.

"How is he?"

"Where's my mom?"

"Is my sister there yet?"

My sister Kasey,over an hours drive away was coming from a baby doctors appointment.

"How is my dad?"

"He's okay", I am told.

"He's had a bit of a spell, but he's awake and talking now."

Kayne and I begin to calm down just a bit. But hurriedly, we have begun our search on getting home ASAP. Not Greece home, but stateside home. Nights like tonight.... I HATE Greece. We long to be home with our family and beside my mom and dad.

For's too late to catch the ferry off the island... too late to make a flight... everything has closed for the night, so we must sit tight until tomorrow morning. We continue to call... we just cannot sit still. But yet.... that's all we can do. there's nothing else we can do. Waves of nausea and fear continue to flood us. I was suddenly freezing cold. And I cannot stop shaking. My teeth chattered. I could not stop.

We call again. The reports are the same. He's doing okay. He looks a little better. We begin to relax only a little. We call mom again... she holds the phone so we can talk to my dad.

"Hey daddy, you okay?"

"Mmm, better now."

"Well we should be on the first flight out early tomorrow morning!"

"Okay, you guys be careful."

"We love you."

By his conversation we know something is really wrong. My dad.... is one of those dads that say...
"don't worry about it... it will be okay.... no need to come all the way home... I'm fine."

BUT this time he did not! He said for us to be careful. Not... don't bother, or it will be okay. He said becareful. Something is definitely wrong. This is not the normal reaction from my dad. My heart begins flutter.

Several minutes pass. Kayne and I start preparing for the trip back home. We are a little calmer now.... we have talked to my dad and although we did not receive the normal reaction... we talked to him! We were able to hear his voice. Hearing his voice calmed our fears...

Several minutes more..... we are searching options and booking our flights. Okay, we can be off the island as early as 7:20 a.m.. 7:20, any other time I would have hated the early departure, but tonight.... it could not come soon enough. We call my sister to inform her of our flight itineraries. With all the airplane transfers we should arrive home by 8 p.m. tomorrow night. 8 p.m. tomorrow night? Seems so long away. Too long. Too many hours to just sit here and do nothing.

A few minutes more... I try calling again. Just to calm my nerves.

No one answers. My mom... no answer. Kasey.... no answer. My grampa... no answer. Lucas, my brother-in-law..... finally, he answers...

"Lucas... where's everyone...we've been calling and calling?"

"Every one's in the room, he's had another spell."

"What, what's a spell, what's going on?" ... "Where's Kasey?"... "Where's my mom?"... "What happened?"

"They're in the room with him and not going to leave his side. They are going to medivac him to another hospital. They think he is having a stroke."

Stroke. Stroke? Lucas, a lot like my dad, is a man of few words. He just is not telling me enough. What do you mean stroke? I need to talk to my mom or Kasey.... someone who can tell me something.

After the longest 10 minutes of my life, Kasey calls me. I can barely understand her. She is so upset she can hardly breath. Her attempt at conversation comes in grasps...

"Kristie, he's not good. He's not good. He was just sitting there talking.... stopped... looked around with pleading eyes and said, 'Someone help me'!" Then he lost all control of his limbs and could no longer speak."


"They think he is having a stroke and have called for a medivac helicopter to take him to another hospital."

"What? Where?"

"Kristie he looks bad. Momma is falling to pieces. I have never seen daddy like this. Hurry home."

"Kasey tell him we love him and we will be there as soon as we can."

I have no clue what to do now. My body just completely feels like a lead weight. I cannot breathe. I want to vomit, but cannot move to even make it to the bathroom. I am just sitting there paralyzed by fear. I cannot stop shaking. My teeth won't stop chattering. I am completely helpless.

I am 30+ hours away and cannot not do anything. I cannot even form words to pray. I do not know what to pray. So I just start talking in my head to God....

"Lord, I cannot do this. I cannot do this right now. This cannot be happening. Lord, You cannot do this to me and my family right now. It's not fair. Kayne, Harry, and I are half way around the world. I cannot handle this."

"Lord, You said You would not give us something we could not handle....well I cannot handle this. Please hear me out.... I cannot do this."

"Lord, you said not to be anxious or worry about anything.... well I am. I cannot calm my body down right now to even move. My family is everything to me. It's too much right now. I can do nothing but worry."

"Lord, my dad is important. He's young. Only 53, not overweight. He does not eat bad food. He does not have high blood pressure. He is in relatively good health. Kayne's only 19, he cannot lose his dad so young. He has not even seen him in over 10 months. It cannot happen this way."

"Lord, he has a 3 almost 4 year old granddaughter that thinks he hung the moon. She loves her poppie. She sees him everyday. She would not know what to do without her poppie. And Kasey is pregnant with a little boy. A grandson... that has not even been born yet. She wants her son to know her father. This cannot be happening. Not right now!"

"Lord, my mom.... you know she cannot handle this. This is beyond anything she can deal with. My dad is her life. She will be lost without him."

"Lord, I am not ready to lose him. I am only 30, to young to lose your dad. He's only 53. This cannot be happening."

And just around this time... I begin to get angry. It's not fair. I am frustrated. I am beginning to get frustrated with God.

"How can this be happening? Why would you allow this to right now? Of all times? We are half way around the world doing your work? If this was going to happen... why could I not have been in Atlanta. Not stuck on some stupid island in Greece.

"What have I done... what have Harry and I done to deserve this? Harry just lost his dad 2 months ago. It's not fair to take both right now. And while we are 30+ hours away." We have had 3 deaths in the family this year already. Trust me when I am telling you.... THIS ONE I COULD NOT HANDLE!"

"Lord, I need you to help me."

"We dropped everything to be a part of military ministry! And this is what happens.... pain and sorry at every turn? I do not know how much more I can take."

"Lord, you have to help me."

"I want everything to be okay with my dad. And if it's not please just let Kayne and I make it home in time."

"Lord, I need you to help me."

"But most importantly, I want your will. But I want your will to be my will right now... which is for everything to be okay with my dad! I know I have a problem with submission sometimes. And now is that sometimes. I know there are times you have to carry me kicking and screaming.... but I submit to you. I give it all to you... because I do not know what else to do."

"Oh, and I need you to calm me down so that I can function enough to keep it together for Kayne."

"Lord, I need you to help me."

After my head conversation with God.... still I could not move. I was completely catatonic. I needed to call home again, but I was scared of what the news would be.

"Kasey, what's happening now?"

"There's no change. He's still the same. The helicopter will be here in 5 minutes and it will take another 15 minutes to reach the other hospital. They have a neurologist standing by waiting for him."

"Where's momma?"

"At his side and will not leave him. We will call you on the drive."

Okay. What to do now? I am overcome with anxiety and fear. I do not know what to do.

"Lord, you have to help me NOW! I cannot do this without you."

I just start praying in my head again. Not a coversation this time.... but just saying "Lord, help me.... you have to help me.... I cannot do this right now." Over and over I keep repeating this until a feeling of peace that I know God was sending my way, washes over me. Thoughts begin flooding my head...."he's on his way to a specialist.... they will have a better grasp on the situation there.... he's going to be in good hands... he's headed in the right direction.... that's the best place for him... he will be in the best hands in his area...."

I that's when I realize.... I may be stuck in Greece, but I too am in good hands. I took the time to go to my specialist and he is helping me. My dad is a christian and has been my entire life. he and my mother met in church. So my God is also his God. So he's in good hands too ... he's still in God's hands. My thoughts are not normal yet and I am still shaking, but a peace begins to wash over me. "Lord, I need you to help me. You need to help my dad."

I call my mom on the drive and hear her. She is distraught beyond measure. She can barely talk. I make her promise to call me as soon as they arrive and see him. "Lord, I need you to help me. Lord, my mom needs you."

My mind tries to concentrate on the task at hand. Bags. Need to pack a bag. Tickets. Passport. What do I need? What will I need? Should I even bother with a bag? I begin to busy myself with the senselessness of packing. I try to think of all the things Harry will need this week. Do the animals have food? What else can I fill my time with to help keep my mind off the thoughts of not arriving home until 8 p.m. tomorrow night? Will I be able to make it until tomorrow night? Will I be able to control myself until I reach home? Can I physically make it until tomorrow night? Will I emotionally make it until tomorrow night 8 p.m.?

The anxiety begins again. That overwhelming fear comes creeping in again. "Lord, I still need you."

Shortly after my mom arrived at the hospital, I got the call....

"He's awake and talking." They are going to run tests to find out what's going on. He's in trauma, but he's awake and talking."

More of that calming peace washing over me. I may be able to do this after all. "But Lord, I still need you."

Kayne and I, after what seemed like weeks and was actually hours, made it off our island and began our journey home. That is a long story in itself. One for another time.

We are both home now and my dad is doing much better. The doctors believe my dad was having paralyzing seizures. And the attacks were not strokes.

"You will keep in perfect peace

him whose mind is steadfast,

because he trusts in you, O God."

Isaiah 26:3 (NIV)

My God is so good. And He shows himself at the precise time. I think... I now need to apologize to Him for being so demanding. I have to work on the submission stuff. I still want to fix things myself. He is constantly showing me my need for Him, but I am stubborn. I like control too much. I guess my time in Greece will show me just how much I have to rely on Him. Try being 30+ hours away from your family and feeling completely helpless.

Blessings to those fully relying on God,


Friday, October 10, 2008

Navy Ball 08


Here are a few pictures from the Navy Ball.

After 1.5 days of not eating anything other than salad and water.... it only took Harry 7 minutes to slowly zip my dress. Yes I broke the top hook, but fortunately the Vera zipper did not burst! I had a back / side ache from the tightness. You try holding your breath all night!

We had such a nice evening. Everyone looked simply elegant and lovely!

Blessings until next time,


Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of those Days...


Have you ever had one of those days??

Where you wake up in a foul mood and cannot shake it all day?

You find yourself snapping at the smallest thing.

Snapping at your loved ones for no apparent reason....

You need to send yourself back to bed, but have too much to do!

You have to go to a Navy Ball tonight,

but you have nothing to wear.

You ordered a nice dress online (Vera Wang),

**for the price, you hope it's a Vera Wang and not a knock off Vera Wong or something**

went to the Post Office everyday to see if it arrived.

Arrives the day before the event,

and .... does not fit.

And it's not too big! You wish the dress were too big.

You would feel a little better!

You cannot even zip it up!

Not in any position will this dress fit...

... not standing up, not sitting down, not stretched out on the bed, not even with olive oil!

Now it's too late to find something in town..

....did not even pack old dresses to recycle...did not think you would need them.

And now it's too late to start a diet!

...well that's been my day so far!

So Oliver and Miss Peabody's jousting only added to today's annoyance. They begin the encounter with friendly banter, but in a few minutes you have to break them up. Spitting and hissing. Slapping and clawing, even though Oliver does not have front claws. Biting and snapping. Running around the house after each other....destroying rugs, vases, anything and everything in their path.

Oh, and they are not allowed on the furniture! See how they listen to me!



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday


From Harry's bachelor golfing days.... married life

From sitting comfortably... in the "muck"

From the frosty forest...

... to the blazing desert

From having fun with friends
(Kiev, Ukraine)

... to almost killing us at the Damascus Gate
(Jerusalem, Israel)

There are so many memories,

so many places traveled,

so many roads taken,

so many paths left behind,

so many friends made,

and loved ones lost.

I Love You

Even if you are 40 now!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foreign to Familiar


This week has been quite the week. From traveling to returning… the house is a mess. So it is shaping into a busy next week as well.

Today is my dad’s birthday. It’s a little hard to celebrate his birthday with the geographical distance. It’s challenging just to call and wish him a Happy Birthday with the 8 hour time change.

It’s days like today I really miss my family. I know at “home” my family is in “birthday” mode. There will be family, cards, cake, and food. The birthday cake “plate” will come out of the pantry, onto the table, and hold the birthday girl or boy’s favorite flavored cake. Everyone will sing Happy Birthday and my niece Kadence will think everyone is singing to her. She’ll know it’s Poppie’s birthday, but she loves the attention… and the cake.

Holidays make living aboard extremely hard. When I was a teenager… I could not wait to leave home. The small town living drove me crazy. Stuck in the middle of nowhere. Your entire family a bike ride away. Everyone knowing all your business all the time. My mother is 1 of 3 children and my father… well 1 of 12. And there are only a few stragglers, like me, who prefer to live past the county line. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and family reunions are rather larger.

My family loves it though. They enjoy living within a 2 mile radius of the extended family. The immediate family, well…. my parents, sister‘s family, and grandparents live in a triangle. Literally, from my sister’s house you can see what my dad is watching on television… (not hard…. either football or Fox News).

I always felt uncomfortable with the small town living. I felt out of place. For me, the world had more to offer…. and I needed to see it, feel it, breathe it. The area felt smothering to me. I wanted my own space. I just wanted to be away. And I just felt so different from everyone else. Small town living was stifling for me.

My own family felt foreign to me. My likes, dislikes, interest and desires were so different than anyone else. My desire to travel and experience new things. My view of life and what it had to offer. My ideas of what was acceptable and not. My longing for life outside the triangle. My fear that staying only exemplified my differences. I needed to find other surroundings that made me feel normal. Places that kept my attention and held my interest.

Yet, as I age and mature… more aging than maturing… I have come to realize my family may not be so different after all. They may have been normal and I just did not realize the similarities between them and myself.

No real simularities? My first car though, "thanks daddy"

... and the first car he ever worked on for me

For starters…my mother…. well, my mother…. has a calling for kids. My mother has the ability to begin, develop, grow, and create a thriving children’s ministry. Naturally, she is a teacher, but she loves kids. And now I see… her heart’s desire…. the unlovables. The kids without…. without “normal” parents…. without “normal” living conditions…. without all the “stuff” that society thrusts our way. Underprivileged kids is her strongest ministry. She too desired something outside the box…. To help kids society has labeled outside the box.

But enough about my mom (there's more)….it is NOT her birthday.

My dad.

My dad is a manly man. A mans man. He can build a house, fix a car, drive a tractor, just about anything you need daddy can do it. By profession he is a forest firefighter. And literally that’s what he does with our family. He puts out all our little fires.

“Daddy, the car’s got a flat tire.”

“Daddy, the toilet is stopped up.”

“Hey daddy, pool’s dirty.”

On and on we go with the request and complaints my dad had and comtinues to tend to. Tending to our daily little fires. My entire life my dad has been a firefighter. Even today, the smell of brush fire reminds me of him. Weird, but I am a smeller.

During the summer months when “out west” is burning he goes. Well, whenever Florida is not experiencing its own fires or hurricanes.

My dad travels quite a bit with his job. Fires and hurricanes send him all over the country. He is there to assist and give aid to the damaged regions. Here are a few pictures of Hurricane Ike, my dad just returned from the assisting the area.

Hurricane Ike

When I was a kid….I thought he had to go to all these places. But he did not. He volunteered. He chose to go to dangerous fires and disaster torn towns. Areas ridden with danger and need. Yeah, he gets overtime and financially it helps, but he went. He chose to help these people recover what little bit of “normalcy” these natural disasters left behind.

In Proverbs, it reads….

“Train a child in the way he should go,

And when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

This verse explains the importance of parental instruction. Training or instruction in Biblical times was imparted primarily through conversation, example, and imitation. The parents were to teach and lead by example. It was not a class to take for the child or a lesson taught by the parent. It was a way of life. It was life. It was the interaction of daily activities that taught the kids Godly principles. All the kids had to do was pay attention.

I thought I was so different. But as I look back. Maybe I was not so different after all. Maybe … had I paid attention I would have noticed that my parents had the same desires I did. Desires a little different by other’s standards. Probably, the desires were instilled by them as I grew up.

What was so foreign to me now seems so familiar.

From Foreign to familiar. The same longing and love for people my parents share…. so do I. Helping people in need is something my parents just did. They did not have to teach me…. all I had to do is just watch. If some kids in the neighborhood did not have Christmas presents….. my parents bought them. If kids needed a ride to church….. they picked them up. It was something they just did. Period.

For as long as I can remember… my parents…. and grandparents for that matter, have always been caretakers for others. The family that seemed so foreign to me …. now I see the similarities…. I see the familiar. I see myself in them. I see my sister, Kasey, in them. She is following the example set by my mother. See loves the unlovable kids at church. I see my brother. Kayne, in them. He is so much like my dad. Hard exterior, but within has a giving and compassion for helping others in need.

From foreign to familiar. From outside the triangle to longing for a piece of the familiar. Today, my desire is to make the triangle a square. To be a part of the family I so very much miss. To be able to sit at Kasey’s house and make fun of my dads very large TV across the backyard. To be near the family I thought … I was so far away. To be able to sing Happy Birthday and watch Kadence think the world revolves around her. (which it does… or at least until the new baby brother comes)

So today…

“Happy Birthday daddy!”

“And thank you and momma for showing me how to love the unlovable and care for those in need.”

“Thank you for helping those outside societies “normal” parameters, even if I did not see it then.”

“Thank you for teaching by leading.”

For those of you who are parents…. read Proverbs, let it sink in, understand that your children are your responsibility. It’s a directive by God. But realize that us kids… we do learn by example. Even if we do not know it!



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