Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pool to Pond


Our newly aquired indoor swimming pool has turned into a smelly indoor pond!

Instead of sporting a cutesy swim suit... I am wearing these...

In my humble uneducated builder's opinion.... I think this is unsafe.

While I stand right beside it and snap a photo. (?)

This is going to require some clean up work...

Once the water is gone....

Harry and I made a "spontaneous" purchase today.  (It's what Harry calls any purchases I make on the fly.  He refers to me as an impulse shopper quite frequently.) 

It looks a little uncivilized and thrown together....

But no more than this....

I found this floating by...

For the life of me... I cannot remember why I did not store it on the shelf with all the other Christmas decorations...

Quick question:

Will Christmas wrapping paper dry out?

Man.  It seems every time you turn around ... it's something.



Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My fellow bloggers...

This may sound a little silly, but...

I have been given Blog Awards...

and I do not know what to do with them? 

Or what the Blog sphere etiquette is for receiving awards... or thanking the Blog Award giver?

Please help...


Monday, March 29, 2010

Indoor swimming pool


Well, it rained again... and rained some more. 

Now we have an indoor swimming pool for a basement.

We have anywhere from 3-4 inches of water spanning the entire basement.

As you can see... there were many moving boxes still unpacked stored down here.

Another bad thing ... I desperatetly needed to do laundry (Harry needs whites).

The dog that is petrified to take a bath.... played all afternoon in the "pool".

Boxes filled with tools, garage junk, and everything else I did not want upstairs is down here. 

Most of the boxes were too heavy for me to lift or carry, but now....

I can just float them over to the shelves to unpack.

With Harry at work... I made a mad dash to salvage everything I could... and hang anything that might possibly dry out.

Then I noticed the laundry basket floating by...

Harry had started the white clothes earlier that day... urgh, now there are stuck in the machine. 

Just lovely.

Oh, and I found a few things I was missing.

Harry's coffee pot.

And my sewing machine.

When arrived home... he was not happy. 

Seriously, look at his face. 

Not sure which "thing" made him so upset?  Coffee pot?  Sewing machine?  Freezing cold water?  No rain or snow boots (in Greece shipment)?  No idea how to get all this water out of our house?  Living in our new VA home less than a month and alreayd having a catastrophe?

Oh, we will be busy for a while.



Manic Monday


1.  Spring Break week has begun, although I still have 1 class, at least I have a break from the other 2.

2.  Completely forgot Easter is coming this week until yesterday at church.  Not something a Chaplains wife should forget?

3.  Super excited the "Cowboys" did not get kicked off Amazaing Race last night... anxiously awaiting to see who gets kicked off Dancing with the Stars this week.  Harry was sad to see Strawberry fired from the Apprentice.

4.  We watch too much reality television.

5.  Will resume home improvements this week.  Harry is thrilled!

6.  The weather cannot make p its mind... cold, warm then cold again.  Now it's raining again!

7.  Afraid to look and see how much my speeding ticket is going to cost me.  Not very happy about it.  I am thinking of all the home improvement items I can buy with that money.

8.  Oliver is still in "training" with the kitty door. 

9.   Harry and I are trying to find a weight / dieting program to start... any good ideas?

10.  Is payday this week?  Normally, in Greece I had my neighbor to tell me these things... where are you when I need you TODD?



Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here we go Loop de Loop


Here we go loop de loop

Here we go loop de li

Here we go loop de loop

All on a Sunday Morn.

Church hopping again...

this time to The Wave Church in Virginia Beach. 

It's different.  New age.  Hillsong type. 

Harry and I felt like the oldest in the crowd... and I even wore my cool hip leather boots with a European styled sweater... but still felt like the old uncool folks at a youth rally.

The music was not really what we were looking for.  The past few weeks I was commenting on the liturgical style... well this was the complete opposite.  This worship service (and I see the value in worship services of this style) was that of a rock concert. 

We did not try to blind the Pastor this Sunday.... although, I did get in trouble for breaking the line.  We were ushered through the parking lot, into a parking space, through the front doors, into the foyer, through the convention center doors, single file through to the seating area.... how was I to know we MUST stay in line for the seating. 

I broke away to go the other direction.... when about 10 feet down the row an Usher physically stood in my way and directed me back to my spot in line.  Seriously?  What if I did not want to sit beside the family with 5 kids that were in front of me (I'm just saying)? 

I am looking for something in between... not so stuffy, but then not so rock concerty either.  And the ability to choose where I sit.  It sounds like I am being petty.  Maybe?  I kind of feel like a food critic.  Or movie critic. 

Is there such a thing as Church critic? 

I just want to find a church that makes me feel at home.  Notice I did not say like home or my home church... but just that feeling of home.  Comforting, loving, and just warm and cozy like home.

I was hoping to find this before Easter... maybe I should just go home for Easter?



Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am over Politics


This morning we dropped my grandmother off at the airport for her trip back home to sunny Florida.  We were a little sad. So my day is a little blue...

and it is only getting worse...

I have a 10 page paper due (on Gender and politics)

5 page article review (on the Gender Gap)

another 5 page article review (Resurrecting the feminist embodiment)

a 2 hour timed Final (Political Philosophy)

a 3 hour timed Mid-term (Constitutional Law)

and about 10 one page discussion boards to post.  (in all three classes)

Why do I wait until the last minute EVERY semester?

I should have flown to Florida with my grandmother.



Friday, March 26, 2010

Treasure Finds


Check out this.....



Designed for organizing your office without sacrificing an ounce of style, our Porter 2-Drawer File Cabinet can be used alone or combined with other pieces in our exclusive Porter Collection to create the ideal setup for your needs.

• 18" wide x 20.5" deep x 30" high

• Framed in solid hardwood, the 2-drawer lateral file cabinet holds legal- and letter-sized files.

• Wood swatches, below, are available for $25 each. We will provide a merchandise refund for wood swatches if they're returned within 30 days.

• Catalog / Internet Only.



$299.00 - $399.00

Crafted of solid mahogany with a hand-planed surface and eased edges, the Montego Wood Seat Chair has the look and feel of an antique.

• Expertly crafted of solid kiln-dried mahogany.

• Detailed with turned front legs and curved tapered rear legs.

• Finished with a scooped seat and a curved back to provide exceptional comfort and support.

• Shown left to right in Espresso and Mahogany stain.

• Wood swatches, below, are available for $25 each. We will provide a merchandise refund for wood swatches if they're returned within 30 days.

• Both side chair and armchair are sized for use with our medium PB Classic Dining Cushion.

• Watch a video about the inspiration behind our Montego collection.

I had to pick my jaw off the ground when I spotted the above pieces at the junkstore. 

Brand spanking new.

and I paid...


A total of $60 bucks... I was so excited!



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks Virginia



my first day of driving in the US... (we are still sharing 1 set of wheels and Harry always drives) and I get stopped by a Virginia State Trooper.

He pulls me over... and I cannot find my Florida drivers license, proof of insurance, or registration.  I explain to him my "circumstances" you know living in Greece and the truck being stored in Florida. 

He tells me I was traveling 73 in a 55.  I want to tell him ..."that's normal in Greece", but I am not sure how he will take it.  He takes the only ID I have (military) which I am hoping he will give me a reprieve, and goes back to his car for a while.  A long while. 

Then he returns...

Florida license plate      +     Florida driver's license
 +  2 year experienced Greek driver     
+     going 73 in a 55

in Virginia

         =      a speeding ticket.

My first Virginia speeding ticket... and I have been here less than a month.  It's my first full day behind the wheel of a car. 

I wonder  how much a 73 in a 55 is going to cost me?



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Carolina in My Mind


I am headed on a 5 hour  (give or take a few minutes if I stop)  journey to North Carolina... to go get my grandma. 

She is going to visit with us a few days.

And along the way, I might as well stop a at a few places...


Outlet malls


Ikea    (I need a deep base Farm sink) 

and a few more outlet malls.

I am so excited...

about my grandma that is (and outlet malls).



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yard work


This weekend, we had gorgeous weather, so Miss P, Oliver, and I decided to do a little yard work. 

Basically, all I did has rip (or remove if you want to use Harry's language) a bunch of junk out of the ground.... and toss it into a big pile.  Not really sure how to dispose of the big pile just yet?

and a little more...

We weeded or deweeded (are those words?)  the coy pond area...

Relocated some furniture...

Cleaned around the fence...

And found out Oliver can climb between the fence and Miss Peabody can maneuver herself through a little section.  (I am so going to paint away this ugly green color)

Yanked down an archway thingy over the other fence...

And found another escapee route...

I even started eliminating the ugly green color...

I bought black, however, it looks a little greyish?  Maybe with the second coat we will see a more blackish color?



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