Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bye-bye Blue Beach


As the summer weather begins to fade away.... and we will not be here next summer.... we are sayin Bye Bye (in song) to our favorite beaches. This ones for you Blue Beach...

Bye Bye Blue Beach
I'm gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Blue Beach,
Why'd you have to go?

No more sunshine,
It's followed you away;
I'll cry Blue Beach,
Till you're home to stay.

I'll miss the way you smile,
As tho' it's just for me;
And each and ev'ry night,
I'll write you faithfully!

Bye Bye Blue Beach
The Navy's taken us now
I'll try Birdie
To forget some how

Bye Bye Blue Beach,
It's awful hard to bear;
Bye Bye Blue Beach
Think I'll always care,
Guess I'll always care,
Guess I'll always care!

And for those who of you not familiar with the Bye Bye Birdie musical... you totally did not get this post!

Bye Now,


Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Harvest


In addition to its presence as a trade commodity, wine also served important religious, social and medical roles in Greek society.

So when the landlord and his family were outside my window harvesting thier vineyard I observed with interest.

Our house is surrounded by a vineyard... actually I think our house is smack-dab in the middle of the vineyard...

I thought about helping, but yard work is really not my thing.

And the family seemed to have enough help....

Looks like a good harvest...

When we pay the rent the landlord always gives Harry a bottle of his "home brew". There are numerous reasons why we do not drink it.... Miss Peabody poohs in that vineyard for starters!

Blessings for the harvest,

Friday, September 25, 2009

World's Greatest Pizza


Harry, Ginger, and I decided to scope out the world's greatest pizza while in Naples, Italy.

Da Michele's.

In 1870, the Condurro family began what was to become a long tradition of master pizza makers in the center of Naples.

Michele Condurro, son of Salvatore, perfected the family art of pizza making, whose secrets he had learned from the famous masters in Torre Annunziata who were experts in the preparing and kneading of pizza dough, and the cooking of pizza.

Michele opened his first pizzaria in 1906 at the present site of Ascalesi Hospital, whose construction forced the pizzeria to move. In 1930, the pizzeria was transferred to its present location on Via Cesare Sersale, which has often been described by experts and journalists as “the sacred temple of pizza”.

Since then, five generations of master pizza makers have carried on the work of the founder, respecting the tradition and being faithful to Michele’s instructions: there are only two types of Neapolitan Pizza, the “Marinara” and the “Margherita”; and no “junk” should be used in making the pizza that could alter its world famous genuineness and taste.

The secret of Da Michele’s enduring success is in the use of natural ingredients, and of an old, traditional, time-tested method of leavening pizza dough.

And the week we decided to make our way to the world's greatest pizza joint is the same week Julia Roberts was filming Love, Eat and Pray at the very same resturant. Julia had caused quite a stir and the whole in the wall restuarant was packed and had about 30 people outside in the street waiting for a seat inside. So we decided to take our pizza TO GO.

We had quite the adventure in driving around in Naples. It's a very long story.... it involves getting lost, driving down one-way streets the wrong way, police escorts, almost getting Harry mugged, and me trying to drive over the perpetrator, and him jumping out of the way of my bumper and into the trash bin.

All for the worlds greatest pizza.

Blessings to those enjoying mouth watering pizza,

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Oracle of Delphi


I thought I might catch up and share some adventures from earlier this summer.... earlier as in still srping.... when The Barker's allowed the Hansen's to tag along for a funfilled journey. A journey to the center of the world.....

After the Acropolis, Delphi is the most popular archaeological site in Greece.

Built on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, the town and ancient site are as awe-inspiring now as it most likely was three thousand years ago, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth and a valley filled with olive and cyprus trees.

Delphi in ancient times was considered the center of the known world, the place where heaven and earth met. This was the place on earth where man was closest to God. In Mythology, Delphi was the meeting place of two eagles, released by Zeus and sent in opposite directions. Where they met indicated the center of the earth also known as the belly button of the world.

Delphi is known as the center of worship for the God Apollo, son of Zeus who embodied moral discipline and spiritual clarity

The oracle of Delphi was a spiritual experience whereby the spirit of Apollo was asked for advice on critical matters relating to people's lives or affairs of the state.

Built on the slopes of Mount Parnassos, the town and ancient site are as awe-inspiring now as it most likely was three thousand years ago, overlooking the Gulf of Corinth and a valley filled with olive and cyprus trees.

The temple walls used to be inscribed with words of wisdom such as "Know Thyself", "Nothing in Excess" and "Don't take any Wooden Drachma", which are as meaningful today as they were when they were written.

Beyond is the Gymnasium and the Paliastra which were used to train the athletes who competed in the Pythian games, held every four years to commemorate Apollo's victory over Python. The Castelian spring is where pilgrims washed themselves before consulting the oracle and the crystal clear water still flows from it has it has for thousands of years.

The priestess of the oracle at Delphi was known as the Pythia. Apollo spoke through his oracle, woman of blameless life chosen from among the peasants of the area. The sibyl or prophetess took the name Pythia and sat on a tripod seat over an opening in the earth. Intoxicated by the vapors, the sibyl would fall into a trance, allowing Apollo to possess her spirit. In this state she prophesied. It has been postulated that a gas came out of this opening that is known to produce violent trances, though this theory remains debatable. People consulted the Delphic oracle on everything from important matters of public policy to personal affairs.

The Oracle exerted considerable influence throughout the Greek world, and she was consulted before all major undertakings: wars, the founding of colonies, and so forth.

Their stadium... and the limit to my climbing. I decided to call it a day and head back to the hillside and back to the cafe. I sipped on my Diet Coke and waited for the rest of the guys to make their way back.

The view was amazing... here is the banks. Theie version of the Federal Reserve.

here's the Bank of Athens. They kept their money close... to pay off the Oracle.

Just some text lying on the ground. This would ever hapeen in the States. We would have this behind glass and only viewable for an addtional charge!

We had an amazing time.... the Barker's are wonderful traveling partners.
I wonder if the oracle could tell me when our orders are coming?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Empty nest Syndrome


I am not a happy camper.

Why? you ask...

Because Kayne has signed a 1 year lease.

This affects me how? you ask...

  1. He is moving out the Hansen household.

  2. He is staying in Greece after we are gone.

  3. HE IS STAYING IN GREECE, a foreign country, AFTER WE ARE GONE!

So I have very good reason for experiencing empty nest syndrome. According to Wikipedia... and I know it is not a reliable source for educational papers... this is a blog... so I am going to use it...

According to Wikipedia:

"Empty nest syndrome is a general feeling of loneliness that parents or guardians may feel when one or more of their children leave home, being more common in women."

And they are right.... while I am all depressed over Kayne leaving... Harry wants to move into his 3rd story bedroom. He says it has a better view. I would not know... as I refuse to go upstairs and see the void Kayne's things not being there have left.

Blessings to those okay with change (because I am not),


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Costume contest


With Halloween around the corner... I am debating which outfit to buy for Miss Peabody.

The Rooster?

or the Skunk?

Both are fitting.... as she frequently chases after and sometimes catches our neighbors chickens. And she often smells like she has been rolling around outside on a skunk.

Maybe I will order both and see which one she prefers?

Blessings to those with a good disguise,


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Change of scenery


Harry just hit his 2 year mark. He has not been in the cockpit of an airplane flying since September 2007.

He traded this view

For this one....

And his untidy office. I guess when you no longer have the FAA as your boss... you can have a messy desk!

Even with his change of scenery... and the occasional longings for his wings back. He loves what he is doing and would not trade it for anything!

Blessings to those loving what they are called to do,


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ORDERS ? ? ?


Where are our orders? Does anyone know?

Our PCS orders? Our Permanent Change of Station orders?

The ones that say we are leaving Greece and headed back to America. The land of commercial free market economy.

We were penciled in a very long time ago. Told to expect orders around June 2009. Then told August 2009.

And I am sure it we will be given a new expected date... because it's almost OCTOBER!!!

We were supposed to leave in December.... but pretty sure that is NOT going to happen.

I want to be in America for Christmas shopping! My Target date was to shop Target's aisle by December. I wanted to swing by and see Jolly ole Saint Neimans. Maybe Macy's? I wanted to be in the Land of Milk and Loehman's for Christmas. I need things from Nordstroms. And my outlet stores are going through withdrawls without me!

Please Navy.... send me my orders!

I want to be in a place that has the shopping world at my fingertips, but not online.

I want to go HOME!

Blessings to those knowing where they are going,


Monday, September 14, 2009



I thought I would take the time to introduce you to our neck of the woods...

Chania, Crete, Greece.

Chania is the second largest city in Crete.

Recently, I found out something interesting about our city. Well.. I guess I find out something new just about every time I am downtown, but this time I realized the smallest details have huge impacts.

I was resting on a very warm day, actually hiding from the sun in an alleyway. From my spot on the ground I pulled out the camera and began to notice the various time periods of the buildings. From where I was sitting you could see remnants from the old Venetian harbor, relics of the Ottoman Turks, and even the new modern Grecian styles.

What I found truly interesting... was this alleyway.

Here on one side of the alley the buildings have gorgeous windows overlooking the street. And directly across the homes have a beautiful balcony overlooking the street below.

The difference....

the Ottoman Turks, who are Muslim, built balconies to hide their women from the occupants of the street below.

While the Venetians enjoyed the direct access to the view below.

You just never know the stories a tiny alleyway could tell.

Blessings to those enjoying a little history,


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Water Problems


Now I am not one for all this "Going Green" mess. I mean it's nice to have organically grown vegetables, free range meats, and bottled fancy water. Maybe I have been spoiled living here in Crete where EVERYTHING is organic... we live in a farm field. My neighbors are sheep and a watermelon patch.

But I will draw the line.... when my tap water looks like this:

And after a minute or so.... it still looks like this:

My glass of water looked like an Alka-Seltzer commercial. Seriously, I have no clue what was in the water. For several weeks now we have had something in the water. It goes away then its back. You never really know what’s coming out of the tap.

So I decided to use my investigative skills ad try to find out what the problem was. I figured I should start with the source. Where is my water coming from? So I followed my water pipes to try and understand my dirty water problem.

So I head out the door in search of my pipes... here they are running along our wall.

And following them down the street...

And actually across the street.... (look both ways water pipes)

And pops up on the other side...

And then I kind-of got confused... not sure which one was mine anymore?

It's like a bunch of noodles....

Okay, now I am really confused? I mean, I have never seen anything like this before. And I was scared to touch anything for fear of what would happen to my neighbors water supply..

Scratch that... I have no clue how to even turn the pipes or valves or whatever these are?

And when I thought that was the end of the line... nope even more pipes came out the other end...

Seriously? I mean come on.... what was I complaining about?

So I went home with a camera full of my investigation photos, puzzling maze of mapped out pipes and used my detective brain to deduce my situation. Then I ordered the Brita Home Filtration System online. It should arrive any day now.

Blessings to those with a refreshing drink,


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Domestic disturbance


We had a little problem in the Hansen household today. Harry and I came home to a household on high octane. As Harry opened the door and we walked in I noticed something was amiss. Both animals were sitting side-by-side on the floor staring up at the curtains. Ears pointed, tail wagging... in full on attention attack mode.

I should mention... the animals never sit side-by-side peacefully. But on this occasion... they were on a mission. A seek and destroy mission.

Their target....

A little bird.

Somehow... the little bugger flew inside and could not safely get out.

And by safely... I mean that I have witnessed Miss Peabody and Oliver's devouring of their prey. I wanted this little birdie to escape unharmed from the grasp of these two domesticated animals turned wild crazies over a little innocent bird.

And I should mention, I hate birds. A flying creature coming towards me with wings spread, biting beak, and claw like feet scare the B-jeezes out of me. Could be from the time while I was flying and a pilot (who shall remain nameless) hid a pigeon in one of the overhead compartments of the airplane.... waited until I heard the scratching, opened the bin, and laughed to death as the pigeon flew at my head trying to get off the airplane. Ha ha it was real funny.

Even with my healthy loathing for foul... I did not want harm to come to this little bird who has taken up residence in the Hansen household.

After we unsuccessfully tried "shooooing" him away with all doors and windows open...

Harry had to resort to the broom.

But it okay... the bird made it out intact. The animals were highly upset at the its escape. And I stood on the sofa with a blanket over my head the entire time.... that's why the photos are a bit on the "out of focus" side.
Blessings to those with healthy fears,

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