Friday, December 3, 2010

A Chimney Swift


Had a bird fly down the chimney.

Opened all the doors on the 2nd floor.

Tried to shoo the bird out the door.

Dog and cat following said bird everywhere.

Bird flies downstairs.

Lose sight of bird.

Hours later ... find bird.

Dead.  In the floor.

Have no one to get bird out of house...

Go to bed.

Wake up with dead bed still in living room floor.

Tell the dog to take the bird outside... she thinks she is in trouble and goes to her time-out spot.

Feel ridiculous about needing to call someone to extricate a dead bird out of my house...

Use the dust pan... close my eyes... hum to myself....

Scoop up bird... open back door... toss bird outside.

All while eyes tightly shut.

Poor bird.


Where is Harry when you need him?



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